Nancy Martini’s new book, “Scientific Selling,” shows how objective data about people can be used by leaders to transform their organizations.

Martini is the CEO of PI Worldwide, a leader in the field of human analytics and performance improvement. She also helped developed a scientific assessment for sales skills. Combined, these tools (there are others to which she refers, so this is not about selling PI to the reader) enable leaders to use clear, objective data about the things that matter most in terms of driving sales: behaviors and skills. The book reveals practical ways in which leaders quickly can gather, understand and apply accurate, objective data to transform the effectiveness of the entire organization. “Strategic Selling” is available from Amazon at

I apply the principles found in this book because my clients see immediate and long-lasting benefits from intelligently applying this type of data to drive positive change. Happy to be of help to anyone who wants to learn more. Please visit STAR Group’s web site at or contact me directly using this form: